What Makes Us Pause

"All of our problems stem from our inability to sit quietly in a room all alone."        -Blaise Pascal

Today is, officially, the first day of Spring. Where I live it is also, officially, the first day of restaurant, gym and mall closures due to a virus that has made the whole world pause, and do what Christians often do in the Season of Lent: reflect on our lives and mortality.

Viruses are not new to our planet. The Coronavirus, COVID19, is new in that, up until now, no one has ever contracted it, and, so, we have no natural antibodies to combat it...yet...(but, we will). 

What's, also, new is that no virus in the history of the world has been tracked and recorded and its numbers and deaths counted and broadcast 24-hours a day; or, as my husband, Michael, says 'stopping all other news in its wake, making everything else take a back seat to a tiny virus' that is: to close whole factories in China (has that ever happened before?)
...stop the transport of…

Pausing for Advent?

"Reign of Christ" or "Christ the King" Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019, begins the Season of Holy Time in the Church Year.  It's a time when, if the world doesn't take pause, we, who follow Christ (and are not afraid to say His name) do... or, at least, can--if we want to pause in an increasingly secular and superficial world.

Where is the place you stop to think about what matters most?  For that matter, where is the place you feel free and cry?  Advent, in the Church, is that kind of place and that kind of time: and, maybe, that's what makes it Holy (as opposed to Ordinary) because, in Advent, we're invited to slow down (how counter-cultural);  look up (stars not only sing, they make 'silent' announcements, to the wise who notice them); remember (who it is that created stars); and praise (the One who comes in the most unlikely of places--a virgin's womb;  a Bethlehem cave).

I don't know about you, but I need a time and place to…