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What a Pandemic Teaches

Jesus said: "And greater things than these you, too, will do. "                                                                                                --John 14:12 So, by my estimation, we're a little over half-way through this journey in a time of pandemic. Wouldn't it be interesting to share what each of us has learned? Hard wrought lessons of what's needed in an emergency; poignant lessons on the brevity of life; revealing lessons on the fragile nature of our world and our need for connectivity and one another.   What have you learned in this time of pandemic?    This little virus has served great purposes, hasn't it? Revealing the structure of societies--from their healthcare preparedness to airline transportation safety. Indeed, it appears no sector anywhere in the world's history has been rendered more transparent and obvious than in this time of living through, and dying in, a pandemic.   What have I learned?   It appears to me